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Our Team


NSV is comprised of forward-thinking technology experts capable of creating integrated solutions that best address the needs of our customers. We are able to anticipate global trends in the automotive sector and continue to win business as a result of our outstanding management, diversified employee skillsets and product development process.


Career Development


Not only does NSV excel at serving our customers, but also at serving our employees. We recognize and reward the talents and commitments of our employees and provide new members of our team the opportunity to learn from the best managers and engineers in their respective fields.


NSV also places a strong focus on career development; we offer employees a variety of development paths that enable them to quickly contribute to company goals.


Ethics & Community


NSV takes pride in the people who make up our team. From our senior management officers to our line production workers, we seek to conduct ourselves in a way that demonstrates uncompromising ethical standards with customers, suppliers, the public, and each other.


Commitment to Diversity


NSV works hard to create a global workplace that supports and promotes diversity, embraces inclusion, and cultivates respect for the individual. We believe that bringing together bright, enthusiastic, and talented people from various backgrounds promotes the birth of new ideas and an exciting energy level.


NSV's equal opportunity employment policy assures that there will be no discrimination or harassment against an employee or applicant on the grounds of race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, age, disability, national origin, or any other factor considered unlawful by applicable laws and regulation.


At NSV we seek to create an employer of choice environment in terms of promotions, compensation, benefits, career mentoring, company-sponsored training and overall work environment for our employees.

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