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NSV takes pride in designing and developing forward-thinking products that help our customers stay ahead of the curve.  Our product development teams follow a systematic approach to designing and developing new products – listening to and collaborating with our customers, generating ideas for new products and services, developing the right designs and engineering approach, establishing the manufacturing infrastructure, and providing marketing, sales, and customer service support for the product launch and market success. We are with our customers every step of the way.


Our precise 3D laser scanning and other scanning (digitizing) processes capture a physical object’s high-density geometry, compound surface curvature, and draft, which are extremely difficult to measure using traditional techniques. Our engineers have experience working with a wide variety of CAD packages such as SolidWorks, AutoCAD, Pro/E, CATIA and Rhino so we are up for any challenge.


As part of NSV’s design engineering services, we offer advanced surfacing and 3D modeling. We use SolidWorks in combination with a variety of other software, including PolyWorks and Volume Graphics, to offer reliable data and models.


Our technology is unmatched in the industry. Powered by Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM) technology, NSV is removing barriers to what we can create for our OEM customers and their projects. We pride ourselves on taking a concept to completion in literally hours; not days, not weeks or months. If you can think it, we can achieve it.


Using 3D scan data is the most efficient way to generate a CAD model from a physical object that has any kind of complex or free-form shape. NSV specialize in creating models that match original as-designed features - even parametric ones. From these complex models and even more complicated data, NSV develops products that are exacting in every minute detail. 

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