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NSV is committed to insuring high quality and safety standards throughout our products. We are committed to developing value-added automotive accessory products and solutions for our customer base that are of the highest and most consistent standards.


It is our goal in NSV to maintain our leading position in the automotive accessories integration industry by providing quality products and services that exceed our customer’s current and future expectations.


Quality is therefore essential and fundamental to our continual success. We recognize that this quality will be achieved by:


  • a total quality management (TQM) approach where teamwork involving every employee, supplier and customer is an essential component;


  • an error-free performance standard based on prevention and a right-first-time attitude;


  • implementing our quality system in conformance with the applicable International Quality Standards and in compliance with the relevant international safety regulatory requirements;


  • using statistical techniques, innovation and new direction/ideas commensurate with our technological development that aims at continual quality improvement;


  • executing new product development plans with advanced technologies and solutions that deliver undisputed quality to our customers; and


  • achieving consistent operational and product excellence regionally and globally through attracting talented people and supporting continuous development of our people, products, and processes.


Our objective is for our customers to have full confidence in NSV. Their satisfaction is fundamental to our long-term development. This comes from the efforts of each of our employees in conjunction with the supportive participation from all levels of management.


Our organization, management and staff, are committed to the above philosophy and directives. We take the responsibility to communicate, deploy and implement this policy. This policy is an integral part of NSV’s business strategies, and is the basis for setting and reviewing our organization’s quality objectives and goals.

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